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Established in 2020, JAC Cricket Academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive Cricket Coaching and Cricket Training, with a vision to transform its students into top-level performers. The pivotal motive behind the inception of this Cricket Academy was to instill in players a profound understanding of the game's intricacies and Cricket Fundamentals. The founding members of JAC Cricket Academy keenly observed the enthusiasm of numerous students to delve deeper into the sport, highlighting the need for specialized academies to cater to this passion. This realization became the driving force behind the establishment of the Cricket Academy, bridging a crucial gap in cricket education.

Operating as a cricket training powerhouse, this Cricket Academy offers an all-encompassing learning experience, encompassing both group and individual coaching sessions. The coaching staff at the academy is well-versed in Batting Techniques, Bowling Drills, and Fielding Skills, ensuring a holistic development of players' Cricket Skills. Beyond the physical aspects, the academy prioritizes mental fitness and Cricket Psychology, acknowledging the significance of a balanced mindset in conjunction with physical prowess. The belief is firmly rooted in the understanding that achieving Cricket Excellence demands a synergistic enhancement of both cognitive and physical abilities.

As part of their Cricket Coaching Programs, the academy provides a nurturing environment for Junior Cricket Coaching and Youth Cricket Development, while also offering Elite Cricket Training and Cricket Masterclasses. The academy is a firm believer in Cricket Mentoring, offering Player Assessment and Performance Enhancement through meticulous Cricket Analysis and Video Analysis. This approach extends to Game Tactics and Cricket Strategy sessions, where players are equipped with the tools to excel in every facet of the game.

The academy's commitment to excellence is mirrored in its Cricket Coaching Philosophy, which emphasizes a well-structured Coaching Curriculum and Cricket Fitness Regimen. The academy's leadership places immense importance on Cricket Coaching Certification and Cricket Coach Training, fostering the growth of not only players but also aspiring coaches. This dedication to holistic development extends to nurturing Cricket Leadership Skills, as the academy envisions producing not just skilled players but also future leaders in the cricketing world.

About me

Meet our talented cricket enthusiast Mr. Jayesh Chandankar, currently making waves in Mumbai's A Division. With an impressive track record, this player has honed their skills through years of dedication and hard work. Having previously played A Division Cricket in Goa State, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their game.

Not only have they excelled at the state level, but they have also had the incredible opportunity to play matches with renowned players from the Indian national team as well as in the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL). This exposure to top-level cricket has undoubtedly shaped their game, allowing them to understand the intricacies and demands of the sport at its highest level.

However, their journey doesn't end on the field. With a remarkable 10 years of experience in personal coaching, this player has showcased their ability to nurture and develop the skills of budding cricketers. Their passion for the game extends beyond their own achievements, as they actively contribute to the growth and success of others. Through their coaching endeavors, they have undoubtedly made a positive impact on the cricketing community.

Combining their personal achievements and coaching experience, this player has not only honed their technical prowess but has also developed exceptional leadership and mentoring skills. Their understanding of the game, coupled with their ability to inspire and guide others, sets them apart as a true asset to the cricketing world.

As they continue their journey in Mumbai's A Division, we eagerly anticipate witnessing their remarkable performances and the influence they will undoubtedly have on aspiring cricketers. With their talent, experience, and coaching acumen, this individual is poised to leave an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape.